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Home-training and sports as fun and enjoyable like playing a video game!

From anywhere and anytime, enjoy one on one training with the sports stars!
LILLIUS is a blockchain based WEB 3.0 activity reward platform!
Earn rewards by mounting NFTs that are personally made by the sports stars, as you follow their exercise contents.
It is a T2E (Training to Earn) service where you can Increase the efficiency in exercising by using the LILLIUS AI Motion Analysis Technology through the smartphone camera. And earn rewards as much as you exercise.
With the know-how from local and international Olympic Heroes and sports stars from fitness, golf, fencing and more, enjoy experiencing easy home-training and sports.

A digital asset reward compensation system based on amount of training data

When you open the LILLIUS App and train, you will receive LILLI Token (LLT) as a “Reward”.
Enjoy earning profit as you train with Dumbbell NFTs and Sports Heroes NFTs equipped.
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